The word starboard comes from the Old Norse words stýri meaning “rudder” and borð meaning etymologically “board”, then the “side of a ship”. In sailing terms crafts give way to other crafts on Starboard tack. There are some Norwegian international roots in this story knowing that the tiny town Arendal where Svein Rasmussen was born, once was the second largest ship building area in the world. That Svein’s Norwegian street address is Kittelsbukt 32 and that the Worlds largest marine Protection & Indemnity insurer Gard is Kittelsbukt 31 is another assuring coincidence. We enjoy creating. The art and color contrasts are reflections of us, the people associated with Starboard. We discuss between ourselves, our riders and distribution partners when evolving next years looks. Our original Tiki drawing is from New Caledonia and we have worked with Thai and Tahitian artists to evolve him over the last 20 years. The Starboard name is the innovate quality assuring part of our brand’s culture. The beauty and excitement of SUP is that it is a sport for everyone of all ages. You don’t need top skills or to perform at the most advanced level. It is the weekend warriors, the people that want to play on the water with their friends and family that will continue to drive this sport and who will be the one’s that carry us into the next phase of SUP. We want to inspire people to get into paddle boarding and to “Live the Tiki Life”. We hope that our SUP marketing campaigns can play a small part in getting millions of people onto the water. We are an international company with representation in 70 countries so our catalogues and web sites are inviting you to see the world via paddle boarding.